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Norway Rat Chewed through a Baseboard inside a House in Atlanta

Rat hole chewed through a wooden baseboard under what appears to be a refrigerator or cabinet inside a house in Atlanta Georgia

Rat hole through a baseboard in a house in Atlanta

I can't really tell whether that's a refrigerator or a cabinet over the baseboard, but I know that that's a rat hole through the baseboard of this house in Atlanta.

When treating rats inside a home, we use only traps and no poisons. That's safer in a number of ways. Because we use no rodenticides, we don't have to worry about accidental poisonings of pets or children. There's also no chance of a poisoned rat dying inside a wall or other hard-to-get-to area.

We also seal the outside of the house, usually including the foundation and crawl space or basement, to prevent "new" rats from getting into the house. This is called "rodent exclusion," and it's an essential part of any rat control job. Removing the rats that are already in the house without preventing new rats from getting in would be a waste of time and money.

To learn more about rat control and rat-proofing in Metro Atlanta, please click here.


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