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Why this Commercial Building in Warner Robins, Georgia need Non-Chemical Rat Control

A bait station containing rat poison in front of an unsealed hole in a brick wall that allowed rats into a warehouse in Warner Robins Georgia.

Competitor's rat control failure in Warner Robins

This is not how we do rat control. It's how another exterminating company failed to do rat control at this commercial building in Warner Robins, Georgia. Let me explain.

The big black plastic box is a bait station. It contains rat poison. Using poisons is how the majority of pest control companies do rat control.

The problem is that the company set out rat poison, but they never bothered to seal the hole in the brick wall; so what happened was that poisoned rats started getting into the building and dying inside. The tired old story that rodents will "go outside to seek water" is nonsense. Rats seek protected places when they start feeling ill; and if that protected place happens to be your home or building, then that's where they'll die.

At Rid-A-Critter, our rat control is based on trapping and exclusion. We trap and remove the rats, and we seal them out of the building. We don't use poisons, so there's zero chance of a poisoned rat dying inside the building.

The customer also doesn't have to pay us to refill bait stations every two weeks until the end of time. No poisons means no refills.

In every way, non-chemical rat control is the best way to rid your home or commercial building of rats.

To learn more about rat control and rat-proofing in the Macon area, please click here.


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