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How the Bats Got into the Attic of this Covington, Georgia Home

Bat stains on a round gable vent reveal that bats were using the gaps between the slate to get into the attic of a Covington Georgia home.

Why this Covington home needs bat removal

The bats got into the attic of this Covington, Georgia home through that gable vent.The stains indicate that it's not a brand-new colony. They've been living up there for at least a season.

What typically happens is that the screen behind the vent rots away due to age and corrosion; or some other animals like roof rats, squirrels, or flying squirrels make holes in the screen that the bats use to get into the attic.

Sometimes, especially during warmer weather, the bats roost between the gable and the screen, and their guano corrodes the screen. Then when the weather gets cooler, the bats move into the attic.

We'll approach this Covington, Georgia bat-removal job by replacing the gable vent screen, but leaving an opening for the bats to get out using a check-valve type trap. Once we make sure all the bats have left the attic, we'll button it up to keep them out and make the attic bat-proof. Then we'll clean up the guano and replace the contaminated attic insulation.

To learn more about humane bat removal and bat-proofing in Metro Atlanta, please click here.


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